Sunday, July 29, 2012

My new Proenza schouler PS1 bag - Review

If you read my last post, you probably noticed that I was carrying my new Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. 

I have wanting to buy a new designer handbag for a really long time, and Chanel ,Celine, Balenciaga were all on top of my wish list, but at the end, I chose this Proenza Shouler PS1 bag, in black color, medium size.  I was trying to look for some detailed review of this PS1 bag when I was making my decision, but I couldn't find much on line. So, for those who also thinking about to purchase a Proenza Sschouler or just any designer bag, I hope this post could be of help to you. 

One thing I love the most about the Proenza Schouler bag is its storage place. The bag has three compartments, so really allows my to organize my stuff, and avoid fishing all around the bag when I really need something (which I really hate, especially when it's urgent!).  I put my headphone and cardholder in the first compartment, and my Blackberry and phone in the second one. The largest  / main compartment hold my wallet, calender, Kindle, etc, and it still has plenty room after that.  The sales told me that the PS1 medium size bag is large enough to put your Ipad in (and I once put my Nikon DSLR in it). 

The leather is really soft, of high quality. But I think with this messenger style of it,  this is the kind of bag that I do not need to take extra care of, and or afraid of getting any scratch. In fact I feel the more I use it and the more slouchy it gets, the better it looks. Kind of giving a "I don't care" attitude.

Proenza Schouler bag comes in many colors, and I think each season it will come out with different colors and some times different patterns. But I just feel that if I were to purchase an expensive designer handbag, I would like it go well with most of my wardrobe, that's why I chose black.

My only concern before I purchased this bag is that the style might be too casual and a little boy-ish, it might not go well with some girly looks. But as you can see, I think it really works great with any style, be it T-shirt and jean short or soft dresses.


  1. thank you for the lovely comment :))


  2. Fabulous bag! Love the review!

    1. Thanks Irina! Glad you like my review

  3. This bag has been on my wish list... I really want a chanel one first though..but this one is nice too! Such a hard decision!

    <3 Maggie

  4. i just found this when looking up PS1! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS POST!!!! i have been trying to figure out which designer bag i want to splurge on and purchase for my first "big" designer bag and this has confirmed i definitely want a black PS1. love the bag and ur outfits are too cute!

  5. Hi. Nice review. I usually carry a lot of stuff. Is the size difference between medium and large that significant? Thanks.